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Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings one last time from Germany!! We’re very sad to be leaving in just 5 days, but we’re also so grateful and thrilled with what the Lord has done and is doing here in this great nation! We see the Lord opening new doors for us throughout Germany, especially as we shared last weekend at the Dunenhof conference in Cuxhaven and met Christians from all over the nation from various denominations. One such ‘open door’ is amazing…

A couple came to us on Monday morning at the conference and told us they are from a very small town called Breklum in the very north of Germany, which is where the very first GERMAN MISSIONARIES TO INDIA went out from! They were so happy that here was an Indian man now coming as a missionary to Germany…they told us that every 2nd Sunday night there is still a meeting led by an 85 year old man, which has something to do with those missionaries going to India, and where they are praying for revival! So, needless to say, they asked us to come and speak at that service…and then also at a youth meeting Saturday night with the theme “How I met my Savior”, and then they also arranged an extra meeting in the afternoon Sunday from 3-5 and advertised all these meetings in their local newspaper!

*Thursday, May 30th leave Germany, fly Bremen/Frankfurt/Houston, then drive to Lufkin, Texas
*June 2nd speak in Carpenter’s Way, Lufkin, TX
*June 5th drive to Austin, TX
*June 9th speak in Pedernales Fellowship close to Austin, TX
*June 10th start driving to Wichita, KS, visiting friends along the way
*June 16th speak in Journey the Way, Wichita, KS

Feel free to contact us for more details on our US/Canada schedule! Full schedule to come. :)

And most important, another man got saved last Saturday at the train station, after being in prison more than 4 years. He was ready to hear the good news of a Man who sets the prisoners free!

PLEASE PRAY FOR INDIA…HOTTEST SUMMER EVER…we heard that in 1 day in Visakhapatnam District alone, 270 people died because of the heat! :(