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Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Church on a hill being dedicated

Church and Parsonage being dedicated

There is a song in Telugu, Andhra Pradesh’s state language, that says…’our goal is share the gospel which every person and to build a church in every village in India’! It is a powerful proclamation and our heart’s desire and main focus at Love-n-Care. The Lord is faithfully and continually bringing this to pass. We want the believers to have their own place to meet and worship, which is very important in India, and also we know that this establishment by God’s grace is a blessing to the whole community. As we bring the gospel to a village and then establish a church there, we have literally watched whole villages change before our eyes. From small huts with no electricity, no running clean water, no roads, no schools…to beautiful houses made from concrete, electricity, asphalt roads, wells, schools, small businesses, etc, etc!! TRANSFORMATION is the outcome of the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS!

We did 2 church dedications in the last 3 days! What testimonies of the Lord’s provision and power! One of the churches was built with the neighbor’s money…our pastor was conducting church meetings in his small home when last year during the rainy season the brick wall next to it caved in and destroyed his home. The neighbor who had built the wall took complete responsibility and gave our pastor money to rebuild his home. Instead of building a house, the pastor built a sweet little church and rented a tiny home next to it. And now the Lord has provided through a church in US for us to purchase a small piece of land adjacent to the church to build his family their own home! You cannot out give God!!

The other one..some years ago we built a small church on a hill in a village. The Hindu family beside it was told that the shade of our church falling on their home was bad for them, so they had our church destroyed. The father then became very sick, and was told that it happened because of what he’d done. This man came to us and offered to give us a beautiful piece of property outside the village, surrounded by 5 villages, for us to rebuild on. We prayed for years for this, and one year ago a team from a Baptist church in Texas came and saw the piece of land, and decided their church would help us out. The Lord provided all the funds needed in an amazingly short span of time, and 2 of the pastors from this Baptist church came this year to dedicate the beautiful, nice sized church that we had constructed! Praise the Lord for his amazing provision and faithfulness to His children.

In 2011, we will continue to construct churches as God provides. It can cost anywhere from $5,000 USD to $12,000 USD for a church and attached parsonage, depending on the size and area it is built. Our desire in 2011 is to build 6 churches in the poorest area of our state, Telangana, as well as others elsewhere. If you would like to help us with this specifically, please go to Support LnC and note ‘church construction’ in the comments.

We covet your prayers for the protection and blessing of the believers in India!!