June 17th, 2015

This is the upcoming speaking schedule in CANADA and U.S.
for Yesupadam and Monika…


June 21st – 10:30am, Whiteshell Baptist Church, Seven Sisters, MB
June 22nd – 7:00pm, Love-n-Care Ministries’ Dessert Evening
Grant Memorial Baptist Church,  877 Wilkes Ave, Winnipeg, MB
June 28th – 10:00am, Gateway Christian Community,  861 Panet Rd, Winnipeg, MB U.S.


July 5th – Carpenter’s Way Baptist, Lufkin, TX
July 12th – Pedernales River Fellowship, Austin, TX
July 15th-17th – REVIVAL MEETINGS, Bennington, VT
July 19th – Church Alive, Rutherford, NJ
July 26th – Gulf Coast Community Church, St. Petersburg, FL
July 31st – King of the Nations , Rockville, Maryland
Aug . 1st – The Gate Church , Oakton, Virginia
Aug . 2nd – Whole Word Fellowship , Oakton, Virginia



June 3rd, 2014

This is the speaking itinerary for Yesupadam and Monika for June and July, 2014 in US and Canada:

June 8th: Carpenter’s Way, Lufkin, TX
June 15th: The Summit, Fargo, ND
June 22nd: Gateway Christian Community, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
June 29th: West End Christian Community, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
July 6th: Charlotte, NC (tba)
July 13th: Chichester Congregational Church, Chichester, NH
July 20th: Church Alive, Clifton, New Jersey
July 27th: Grace Church, Germantown, MD

For more information and details, contact Monika at


April 24th, 2014


For more information write Monika at OR Dana at


June 15th, 2013

We greatly appreciate your PRAYERS for safety, grace, blessings and God’s provision!

*Sunday, June 9th: speak at Pedernales River Fellowship at 10:30am; evening, share at Drewell’s home group in Austin
*Mon., June 10th: drive 9 hours from Austin, TX to Wichita, KS
*Saturday night, Sunday morning, June 15th & 16th: speak at Journey the Way in Wichita, KS
*Mon., June 17th: drive 5 hours to Columbus, NE for a dinner meeting; stay overnight
*Tues., June 18th: drive 2 hours to Sioux City, IA; speak in the evening at Riverzedge Church at pastor’s home; stay overnight
*Wed. June 19th: drive 5 hours to Fargo, ND; speak in church, stay overnight
*Thurs. June 20th: drive 2 hours to Grand Forks, ND; speak in church, stay overnight
*Fri. June 21st: drive 3 hours to Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
*Sunday, June 23rd: speak at Whiteshell Baptist Church in Seven Sisters
*Sunday, June 30th: speak at West End Christian Fellowship in Winnipeg
*Sunday, July 7th: speak at The Good Shepherd Church, Rutherford, NJ
*Saturday night, July 13th: speak at an evangelistic Tent Meeting in Gaithersburg, MD
*Sunday, July 14th: speak at King of the Nations, Gaithersburg, MD
**Wed., Thurs., Fri.: REVIVAL/EVANGELISTIC MEETINGS in Bennington, VT for ladies, youth, pastors, and open to public!
*Sunday, July 21st: speak at FIRE Church in Charlotte, NC
*Sunday, July 28th: speak at Sovereign Grace Church, Apex, NC
*Saturday night, August 3rd: speak at The Gate, Oakton, VA
Sunday morning, August 4th: speak at Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton, VA
*Monday, August 5th: return to INDIA

If you need more details on the schedule or would like Yesupadam to speak at your church or small group, please email


May 29th, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings one last time from Germany!! We’re very sad to be leaving in just 5 days, but we’re also so grateful and thrilled with what the Lord has done and is doing here in this great nation! We see the Lord opening new doors for us throughout Germany, especially as we shared last weekend at the Dunenhof conference in Cuxhaven and met Christians from all over the nation from various denominations. One such ‘open door’ is amazing…

A couple came to us on Monday morning at the conference and told us they are from a very small town called Breklum in the very north of Germany, which is where the very first GERMAN MISSIONARIES TO INDIA went out from! They were so happy that here was an Indian man now coming as a missionary to Germany…they told us that every 2nd Sunday night there is still a meeting led by an 85 year old man, which has something to do with those missionaries going to India, and where they are praying for revival! So, needless to say, they asked us to come and speak at that service…and then also at a youth meeting Saturday night with the theme “How I met my Savior”, and then they also arranged an extra meeting in the afternoon Sunday from 3-5 and advertised all these meetings in their local newspaper!

*Thursday, May 30th leave Germany, fly Bremen/Frankfurt/Houston, then drive to Lufkin, Texas
*June 2nd speak in Carpenter’s Way, Lufkin, TX
*June 5th drive to Austin, TX
*June 9th speak in Pedernales Fellowship close to Austin, TX
*June 10th start driving to Wichita, KS, visiting friends along the way
*June 16th speak in Journey the Way, Wichita, KS

Feel free to contact us for more details on our US/Canada schedule! Full schedule to come. :)

And most important, another man got saved last Saturday at the train station, after being in prison more than 4 years. He was ready to hear the good news of a Man who sets the prisoners free!

PLEASE PRAY FOR INDIA…HOTTEST SUMMER EVER…we heard that in 1 day in Visakhapatnam District alone, 270 people died because of the heat! :(

Newsletter November 3rd, 2012

November 3rd, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for praying us through our wonderful trip to the Philippines! For 3 days we met with pastors and leaders from 23 Asian countries to be further equipped and hear what the LORD is doing in these nations, and we also had the privilege of sharing what the LORD has been doing in India. It was so encouraging to hear the amazing reports…God is building His kingdom rapidly…Pray for LABORERS TO GO INTO THE RIPE HARVEST FIELDS!!

We also spent 3 days with some 50 missionaries-young couples with children and some singles-who are serving in Davao in the south of the Philippines. Many of them have labored there around 10 years, and the Lord is bringing in a great harvest! In the Saturday evening youth service around 50 kids and youth gave their hearts to Jesus, most of these from very desperate living conditions, and even some Satan worshipers! In the Sunday morning church service hundreds responded to the call to lay down their lives and follow Jesus wherever He will lead them! Check out our Facebook page for photos of our time!

BIBLES FOR MADAGASCAR…Pastor Raja, who leads the largest church in Madagascar with around 14,000 members, joined us for our time in the Philippines. It was wonderful spending time and serving together with this humble servant of the LORD. We had mentioned in a previous email about the shortage of Bibles in Madagascar, and now we feel compelled to do what we can to help. Pastor Raja has a connection with a printing company in Russia, and for just $10,000USD, he can get 2 shipments of 20,000 Bibles shipped freely to Madagascar in 1 year! Would you like to help provide 40,000 Bibles in 1 year to the nation of Madagascar!?? Please give online and mention ‘Bibles for Mada’!

India…PURCHASE OF ADJOINING LAND…the Lord continues to faithfully provide! We are now almost at $13,000…just over $7,000 to go. We so appreciate your help with this. :)
PRAYER MOUNT AND HOSPITAL PROJECT…please continue to pray for the final BREAKTHROUGHS to begin construction! See our website for info.

JESUS HOUSE IN GERMANY…yesterday, Friday, the contract for Love-n-Care Ministries to buy Jesus House was officially signed before a lawyer! God provided all the $40,000 and some extra for the renovations. On January 1st, 2013, Jesus House will be ours!! Thank you for your prayers and rejoicing with us!

TRIP TO ISRAEL…anyone interested in joining us for the previously mentioned HOLY SPIRIT GLOBAL PRAYER CONVOCATION in Israel from April 29th to May 8th, 2013, please check out this website for more details,, and REGISTER as soon as possible, mentioning Love-n-Care as your group name. We hope many of you can join us!

God bless you, and we covet your continued prayers and support.
with love,
Yesupadam, Monika, Bethany and Benjamin


October 8th, 2012

The Lord is good and good to all!!

Thank you so much to all of you who responded to help us buy the land behind our ministry…we now have $6,800 towards our need for $20,000, praise God!! We gave the down payment, and have claimed the land as ours! Please consider helping us towards the 13,200 still needed to complete the deal.

TEAM COMING: Next Sunday our ‘bunk bed team’ from Texas will arrive for 6 days of busy ministry! Please pray for the team and us here at LNC as we all prepare for a great week of building bunk beds; presenting the beds, mattresses, pillows, bedsheets and blankets to our Children Home kids!; teaching and training our pastors and leaders for 3 1/2 days; conducting baptisms and church dedications and whatever else the Lord has in store!

Yesupadam and Monika as well as Sunil and Kalpana (son and daughter-in-law) and a pastor from Madagascar, will be traveling to Philippines for 10 days from October 21st to 30th to attend and share at the Every Nation ‘Asian Pastors Equipping Conference’ (APEC) in Manila, as well as visit some 50 American missionaries serving in southern Philippines!
Please pray for the final prep for traveling: acquiring the visas, packing, etc. and for a blessed trip!

God bless you and thank you for your prayers and support!

Yesupadam, Monika, Bethany and Benjamin

and your Love-n-Care Team in India


September 24th, 2012

Dear Family and Friends!

Greetings from muggy, rainy India. :) Things are going well here… our Children Home kids and our Nursing School students are writing exams and need a lot of grace for the next weeks of studying! Overall our ministry in India is doing great and the Lord is protecting us and bringing much fruit.

Yesupadam’s trip to Hyderabad proved very fruitful…he was able to meet the ‘right officials’ and all had favorable responses that they would definitely help us get the permission for our hospital land. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE ‘PAPERS TO MOVE QUICKLY’ FROM DESK TO DESK TO OUR HANDS!!

Yesupadam also made a trip to the tribal mountains last week to spend time encouraging our pastors there who work in very dangerous circumstances, and baptized 15 people as well. Sixty more are going to be baptized soon! Reaching the unreached people groups is one of the main goals of our ministry, and the Lord is moving powerfully to enable us to fulfill that!

If you haven’t already, you can follow us on our Facebook page

Please consider sponsoring one of our Pastors and family for $50.00 per month, or a child in our Homes for $25.00 per month, or make a general donation to support the work of Love-n-Care around the world!!

For more information on sponsorship, email Monika at

Thank you so much for the prayers and support which are such an encouragement to us!

Yesupadam, Monika, Bethany and Benjamin
and your Love-n-Care Family in India


September 17th, 2012

Dear Family and Friends!

Loving greetings from India! It’s so good to be home…but we are still basking in the afterglow of all that the Lord did during our time in Madagascar and Cape Town, South Africa! In Cape Town we spoke at 10 meetings of the His People Church congregations in 8 days, and when we weren’t speaking we were enjoying delicious meals with new friends and sharing our hearts, or sightseeing in ‘the most beautiful city in the world’! It was a wonderfully fruitful time with divine connections to work together to further the Kingdom of God in Madagascar, Africa and India. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRICELESS PRAYERS WHICH CARRIED US THROUGH THIS POWERFUL 3 1/2 WEEKS OF MINISTRY!

Back to India: Yesupadam is planning a very important trip to Hyderabad on Monday September 17th, to meet with government officials for the final approval needed to start construction on our hospital and prayer mount! Please pray for favor with man!!

Germany: The contract to purchase Jesus House in Bremen, Germany is in process!! Soon the home will be ours and we will be able to expand our ministry even more to the drug addicts, alcoholics, homeless and needy people and push back the darkness in their lives! Please pray for speedy processing.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of Love-n-Care Ministries and our work around the globe!
with love,

Yesupadam, Monika, Bethany and Benjamin


September 5th, 2012

Please pray for our time in South Africa…touching all races and nationalities! Speaking at churches, Bible Schools, small groups, etc. and in a poor community as well. MAY THE LORD MINISTER TO ALL HIS PEOPLE AND CHANGE LIVES FOR HIS GLORY!!